""There's nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere""

Vivienne Westwood

Island Restaurant, Hyde Park

Stroll across Hyde Park from the museums to enjoy a first-class menu served at Island all through the day.

Serpentine Bar & Kitchen

Where do Londoners go for a bit of peace and quiet for their lunch and also a healthy dose of fresh air?

A hotel with a view like no other

If you’re planning a trip to London, whether with family or friends then there is one hotel that overlooks the beautiful Hyde Park right at the point where the walks are the most scenic.



If you are looking for somewhere new to explore, consider an escape to Tuscany for a villa holiday of a lifetime!

K West Hotel & Spa

West London's little hotel where health and beauty reign, and spa treatments combine with 4 star comfort for an unforgettable experience

Multi Media Bar

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