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Holiday tips for Sharm El Sheikh - Hotel Hyde Park

Holiday tips for Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh is one of the most popular destinations in the whole of Egypt and boasts stunning sandy beaches, mighty mountains and a vibrant nightlife scene. Most people travel to Sharm El Sheikh to spend their days soaking up the sun on Na’ama Beach, which is possible virtually all year round due to the abundant sunshine that the area is blessed with. A large number of luxurious hotels and resorts can be found lining the beach as well casinos and clubs where visitors can dance the night away to some of the hottest tunes around.

Egyptian culture is not simply about ancient Egyptians and pyramids as Sharm el-Sheikh also features religious sites that still retain their significance to this day. This is a city that seamlessly blends ancient cultures with modern methods to create a holiday destination that caters to people of all styles. Visitors will want to make sure that they take the opportunity to sample traditional Egyptian cuisine, which is combination of Arabic, African and Middle Eastern flavours. Shish kebabs make a great light bite that can be eaten with a main meal or as a snack on the go, while grilled meats such as pigeon, lamb and chicken are also popular. Browsing for bargains in Sharm El Sheikh’s traditional and very colourful souks is another popular pastime among visitors. It is possible to buy almost anything here, from exquisite fabrics and fragrant herbs to brightly coloured spices and handicrafts.

There is plenty to do in Sharm el Sheikh. Although the most popular activities here include water sports such as scuba diving and snorkelling, visitors that can bear to tear themselves away from the beach for a few hours will also find plenty to see and do further inland. A large number of activities are just waiting to be enjoyed in the Sinai desert such as driving across the majestic sand dunes on a quad bike, while people who have a strong sense of adventure are sure to enjoy riding a camel across the desert and perhaps sleeping underneath the stars in a luxurious tent.

No trip to Sharm El Sheikh would be complete without taking a trip to the top of Mount Sinai. This is the spot where many people believe Moses received the Ten Commandments and as a result this is an important pilgrimage site for people from all over the world. Even if you are not religious, the views across the desert and out towards the Red Sea are simply stunning, especially at sunset. People who have plenty of stamina can climb to the top of Mount Sinai in around three hours, while it is also possible to ride a camel to the top.

  • Approximate Flight time from UK: Direct flights are offered to Sharm el-Sheikh Airport from a number of leading cities in the UK such as London and Manchester and the approximate flight time is a little over five hours.
  • Local Currency: Egyptian pound
  • Local Language: Egyptian Arabic
  • Time difference GMT: +2
  • Weather: Sharm El Sheikh boasts an arid climate and it is generally hot and dry all year round, although the summer months can be especially humid.
  • Visa requirement: UK citizens who are flying into one of Egypt’s international airports can purchase a visa on arrival, which lasts for a total of 30 days.